Expat Home Insurance in Spain

What is home insurance in Spain? This is insurance that includes coverages to help you pay to repair or replace your house and assets in the unfortunate circumstances that they are damaged by certain factors, for example, theft or fire. Your property can be your most valuable asset and it is something everyone should insure correctly.

We offer the most comprehensive home insurance Spain cover for building, contents, jewellery and valuables in your home, rented property or holiday home in Spain as a homeowner or as a tenant.

We offer competitively priced policies in English, English speaking staff to deal with your claim and a professional personal service to take the worry out of insuring your home, holiday home or property in Spain.

In our policies we include:

home insurance in spain for expats

Key Points for Home Insurance in Spain:

  • 24-hour home emergency assistance for plumbers, builders, electricians, carpenters and locksmiths
  • Optional full accidental damage cover for building and contents

  • Automatic cover for jewellery and valuables up to 20% of the contents sum insured in your home

  • Cover for excess water consumption up to 1.000€ in the event of a leak, even if no damaged caused

  • Cover for blocked pipes, even if the blockage does not cause any damage

  • Full cover for electrical damages

  • Cover for plants and trees with a limit of 10% of the building sum insured. Maximum 600€ per plant or tree

  • You are not limited to cover for 1 claim per year like some other companies

  • Optional extra for covering jewellery outside the home available

  • Polices in English, claims dealt with in English

  • Cover to travel to Spain if the home has had a major problem.

  • Alternative accommodation if the property is uninhabitable

  • Optional cover for jewellery and valuables outside the home

  • Landlords liability and basic cover for tenants contents



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Home Insurance in Spain Cover

Regarding our house insurance policies, we offer two kinds of cover. These are broken down into ‘Buildings Cover’ and ‘Contents Cover’. Continue reading below and we will explain both policies to help you decide which one is best suited to your home.

home insurance in spain for expats

Building Cover Overview

The builder cover should cover the rebuild cost of the entire property, pool, perimeter walls, terraces and anything else built on the plot. When it comes to apartments, many feel the community Insurance policy Will cover them, however the community Insurance normally does not cover from your front door inwards, so any burst pipes that are not community pipes, fire, power surge damages need to be covered under your personal building Insurance policy.

Liability cover for damages arising from the building is one of the most important covers to have, we can offer cover up to 1.000.000€, this will cover you if someone injures themselves on your property, if a tile falls off the roof and damages a vehicle or person, if you have a fire that causes damages to the neighbours property or community, a water leak that causes damage to a neighbour etc. Building cover will also cover you for fire and smoke damages to your property, power surges or lightning strikes (some companies only cover up to 600€ per claim, we give full cover), damage caused by flooding or water leaks, damage caused in the evento of vandalism, theft or an attempted breakin, broken Windows, mirrors, marble, granite or sanitary ware.

Contents Cover Overview

Anything inside your property is considered content, as well as the fitted kitchen. Your contents cover should be sufficient to cover to replace everything inside the house, White goods, curtains, cutlery, clothes, electrical items etc. The cover is new for old, meaning if your sofa is damaged, we will not value your sofa in its current condition (depreciated for age) but we will pay out the cost to replace your sofa as new today. Again fire, smoke, explosion, power surge/lightning, flooding, theft, mugging in the home, ceramic hobs, oven glass, glass in electrical appliances are all covered. Liability cover is included as standard, even if you just insured your contents, however, in that case, you would only have liability coverage for the damage caused by your contents, for example, a plant pot falling off a terrace on a car or person.

All policies in English, 24-hour emergency assistance for plumbers, locksmiths, carpenters and electricians
We can also include optional cover for general personal items up to 300€ per ítem, outside the home, again on an all-risk worldwide cover basis.

Emergency Repairs


If you need an emergency repair, you are given a free phone number with your house insurance Spain policy. You can contact the emergency assistance department directly and request plumbers, locksmiths, carpenters, plasterers, roofers and electricians.

They will visit your house or property insured with us in Spain and carry out whatever is needed. In the case of burglary, they will take an appropriate step to make the property safe and secure again to stop the thieves coming back to your home.

protect your home with our insurance

House Insurance Spain: The emergency assistance department will send workers round and make the property secure immediately. For any other claims please contact our office and we will guide you through your claim and try and make life as easy as possible for you.

If you have insurance for a rented property in Spain, we can liaise with your key holder and arrange for an assessor to visit the property and inspect the damage or items taken.

Emergency Repairs and Home Insurance Continued

home insurance protection in spain

In addition, we will do as much as possible for you in this difficult time and try and resolve the problem you have with your house or home in Spain.

 There are no claims forms to fill in, so with just a phone call to our office. Also the assistance department your claim will be opened, our professional claim handlers will guide you through the rest of the process.

Our aim is to help and make life easy for you at this difficult time.

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Turner Insurance Specialists in Spain Costa Blanca, Life Insurance Spain, Car Insurance Spain, Home Insurance Spain, Health Insurance Spain, Home Insurance Spain, Home Insurance Spain Turner Insurance House insurance Spain

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